Trentham Foods is an established Staffordshire based company sourcing and supplying both fresh and frozen meat products to the UK market. Our core business is supplying palletised quantities of products to;
Wholesalers, Catering Butchers and the Retail Sector, however; our business is growing! (and we ‘never stand still!’)

We continue to develop our product range for new and evolving markets. In addition to the range of our staple poultry products we offer; game, beef, pork, lamb and cooked meats. However; we believe that we continue grow because we work with our customers to provide individual solutions to give them the ‘edge’ over their competitors. We are always looking for new products and new customers. More information on this can be found in our What We Offer Section.

An excellent product is nothing without excellent service to match! Trentham Foods sets extremely high standards for its supply chain and logistics management. All of our factories carry recognised quality assurance accreditation and our customers are assured of only the highest standards of office customer care that is the ‘hallmark’ of Trentham Foods.