“From its inception as a company, Trentham Foods has always been identified as supplying the highest quality Poultry. We have evolved and grown because we have adapted to the dynamics of the marketplace. We consistently engage in a communications process with our customers and partner supply companies and have striven to create a culture of business, quality & supply chain

As our market share grew, we found that our customers demanded the following.
1. A high-quality premium product
2. Competitive pricing
3. From responsibly sourced and reared birds.

Orchard Farm

We listened very carefully to the above needs, and our Orchard Farm brand was created offering premium quality Chicken Fillets. Produced in a high-quality family run factory in the Netherlands the ‘Orchard Farm’ brand has been created especially for our expanding UK market base where we have used a bold and attractive image to work in line with our exceptional product to create one of the best products on the market. Now an established and trusted brand name Orchard Farm goes from strength to strength.

Other locations

Although we pride ourselves on our “Orchard Farm” branding we are also able to offer other products from the following countries best suited for various markets.


From Holland, we only work with the highest quality long established producers to offer fresh gas flushed chicken fillets available in a variety of calibrations. By bringing the product on 1 day direct transport we are able to offer a shelf life of 13 days on delivery to our UK customers. By combining these two points we are able to offer a premium product that is dry, well calibrated and long lasting coupled with reliability and first class service.


The emergence of Poland as a high-level producer of chicken has brought with it a flexible and competitive priced option to your chicken needs. From mixed pallets involving a variety of products to smaller pallets and a variety of packaging formats we can almost do everything from our approved Polish partners. By using a mixture of Direct and Domestic transport we can even now offer daily deliveries.


Our newest and most rapidly growing market opportunity is from Romania. From here we are able to offer a new range of high quality chicken fillets. Available in a variety of sizes and always halal. This product offers a great alternative to either Dutch or Polish chicken fillets by providing both great quality and competitive pricing.


Although we do specialise in importing poultry we also believe that the UK has plenty to offer when it comes to chicken, that is why we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our customers with a variety of frozen UK chicken products that include a variety of Red Tractor, Free Range and Organic Options.


When it comes to frozen chicken we also have the option to import from further away, which is why we started to bring in frozen chicken fillets and whole chickens from one of the largest producers in Europe. In doing so we are able to offer small calibrated natural chicken fillets from a 70-90g to a range of frozen down grillers all under the reliable Qualiko brand.

South America

It’s not just Europe that we import from, we are also able to source product from as far away as South America. From countries such as Chile, Argentina and Brazil we are able to offer recognised brands of Chicken Fillets such as Las Camelias & Ariztea, along with salted and natural products perfect for manufacturing.

We are also able to offer a variety of cooked chicken products along with French specialist poultry such as corn fed chicken. More information on these products can be found on the relevant pages or please get in touch for more info.