A truly great and versatile product offering a great source of protein and small amount of saturated fats: Turkey is not just for Christmas!

Turkey Butterflies have been at the heart of Trentham Foods product range since the company’s foundation and we offer an extensive range of the finest quality products from our top European Partner Suppliers in Poland, Germany and Italy. We ‘cater’ for all tastes and our offer on Turkey Butterflies gives our customers the ‘power of choice!’

Polish Turkey Butterflies

Poland has rapidly developed as a supplier of Turkey meat during the last five years. It has become one of Europe’s largest producers with an output in the region of 70,000 tonnes per annum.

Offering both value and quality, our Polish partner suppliers produce a great product, ethically reared with a fully traceable supply chain. Product is supplied ‘vac packed’ with 4 x butts to the case and 40 x cases per pallet. This coupled with an excellent logistic service makes Trentham Foods the supplier of choice for Polish Turkey Butterflies.

German Turkey Butterflies

Turkey is now more popular than ever among the German consumer. Historically, a country where pork was the most popular meat, a growing number of Germans have opted for Turkey for the clear health benefits on offer. Production has increased dramatically over the last five years and Germany now produces in the region of 129,000 tonnes of Turkey meat per annum. German ‘Butterflies’ are supplied 80 x cases to the pallet with 2 x butts vac-packed per case.

Trentham Foods has enjoyed a long standing strategic partnership with one of Germany’s biggest production facilities. In addition to being a great quality product, German Turkey Butts are fully certified Halal.

Oscar Tacchini Premium Italian Turkey Butterflies

Trentham Foods is proud to offer one of Italy’s most prestigious meat products. Founded in Northern Italy in 1945, Oscar Tachinni began as a supplier of premium chicken products. In 1981, the company begin to produce Turkey and Turkey Butterflies. The Butterflies are vac-packed 4 x case with 50 x cases on a pallet.

Acknowledged by both Chefs and Butchers alike as offering consistently superb quality from ethically reared birds, Oscar Tachinni Turkey Butterflies are seen by many as the ‘gold standard’.

To complement our comprehensive Turkey Butterflies range, Trentham Foods also offers
the following added value range:

  • Turkey Lobes
  • Turkey Escalopes
  • Turkey Crowns