As part of our expansion into being able to offer an increasing range of red meat products, we have now added Lamb & Mutton to our offerings. Just like with all of our products, we ensure that we are always offering the highest quality of lamb products, which we source from our consistent and quality assured partners.

Our offerings include a variety of cuts of Lamb in both fresh and frozen options, that can be provided on or off the bone. These options include the following:

  • Legs
  • Foreshanks & Hindshanks
  • Breast
  • Chump
  • Neck
  • Trims and Fats
  • Shoulder
  • Heart
  • Kidneys

Primarily most of our Lamb and Mutton offerings are sourced straight from Australia and New Zealand which have had an increasing reputation for a consistent and high-quality product over the years. We are able to offer a variety of brands of products from both Australia and New Zealand, but we are especially proud to offer CMP branded lamb shanks.

We are also able to offer lamb from a variety of other places as well. From the UK, we source high-quality Red Tractor approved lamb reared close to home. From further away, we are able to source products from other EU countries such as Spain to as far away as Patagonia. This region situated at the base of the South American continent split between Argentina and Chile is home to a vast number of Lamb & Mutton producers that offer a great alternative product to the New Zealand or UK Lamb you are used to.

For more information on our lamb products, please feel free to contact us.