We believe that it isn’t enough to provide you with a great product at a competitive price, we have to provide outstanding customer service as well. That is why we have implemented the below processes in order to take the utmost care at every stage of your buying journey.

A lorry driving through mountains


Using our vast network of dedicated transport partners across Europe we are able to ensure that all of our deliveries are made quickly, efficiently and effectively. Whether this means getting our goods from Germany or the Netherlands to your premise in a day or ensuring the delivering vehicle has a necessary tail-lift, Trentham Foods will meet every customers specific needs. When you order from Trentham Foods we will look after you at every step of the way and our dedicated staff always be on hand should you need us as well as consistently monitoring and updating you on the progress of your order.


With Trentham Foods you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when it comes to the ‘tricky’ terrain that is associated with the importation of food products. With the ever growing uncertainty associated with navigating customs procedures, Trentham Foods have all the relevant procedures, protocols and paperwork in place to ensure our goods are imported effortlessly through a globalised world into the UK market. With the UK’s impending split from the EU, we have already made sure that everything is in place to allow for a smooth transition into the new regulations. One more reason why you should choose us as your food supply partner!

A cargo ship at sea


To make sure that you can be sure that we are the best of partners for your business we don’t only do what we say but we back it up as well, which is why Trentham Foods has accreditations and relationships with various trading bodies. These accreditations allow us to guarantee the highest of standards in what we do. Achieving a grade AA in our BRCGS Standard guarantees the quality and safety of our products, increasing our customer’s confidence in our services.  But we don’t stop there, we are always reviewing the need to gain new accreditation’s and develop on existing relationships to ensure our business will always operate at the highest standards possible.


As part of our our on going commitment to guarantee the quality of our product we have taken the decision to brand some of our products. Our ‘Orchard Farm’ brand of premium Dutch produced chicken fillets are brought to the UK market exclusively by Trentham Foods allowing us to ensure only the highest quality product is offered. As part of our branding options we are also able to provide own label products for some our customers.

Orchard Farm