As part of Trentham Foods expansion into new markets and product ranges we have decided to offer a variety of pork products to meet all of your requirements. As part of this we are able to offer a variety of fresh and frozen pork products from our partner factories on the continent.

Fresh Pork

Like with everything at Trentham Foods customer service is at the centre of what we do and because of this we have started to offer a range of mixed pallets of fresh pork sourced straight from the European mainland. We can mix Belly’s, Trim, Legs and anything else pork all into a single pallet for added convenience. We are also able to source a range of UK Red Tractor pork products for anyone that requires product sourced a little closer to home. Like with the European products we are also able to offer these products on mixed pallets.

Frozen Pork

To add to our range of fresh pork we are also offering a wide range of frozen pork products from the UK Spain and Belgium. So, if you are looking for Pork Loin Ribs for the BBQ or Pork Trimmings to make the perfect sausages we can offer a range of high quality and price competitive options for you to fill your freezer with. 

Cooked & Processed

Our range of offerings wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our ability to offer cooked and further processed products. We are able to offer a high-quality range of products including raw and bacon, Cured Horse shoe gammons and Pigs in Blankets. For more info on these please visit our cooked and added value page.

Our compliment of Pork products includes but isn’t limited to:

Trims & Fats
Ribs (Belly & Loin)
Cured Backs and Gammons

Just like all of our other meats our pork is only produced in the best factories that are BRC approved to ensure that our customers receive the best product possible so get in touch for more details on what we can do.